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日期:2023-11-20 點擊數: 來源:



IoV-Based Mathematic Model   for Platoon Give Way to Emergency Vehicles Promptly

Extending the Detection   Range for Low-Channel Roadside LiDAR by Static Background Construction

Integrating traffic signal   optimization with vehicle microscopic control to reduce energy consumption in   a connected and automated vehicles environment

Short-Term Traffic Flow   Forecasting Method With M-B-LSTM Hybrid Network

HVAC operation planning for   electric bus trips based on chance-constrained programming

The effect of traffic status   on dockless bicycle-sharing: Evidence from Shanghai, China

Optimal Layout of   Heterogeneous Sensors for Traffic Accidents Detection and Prevention

3D reconstruction of AGS   friction disk based on robust active-contour concentric conics

One-dimension orientation   method of caster and kingpin inclination of vehicle wheel alignment

Accurate Measurement and   Evaluation Methodology of Vehicle-Body Symmetry Plane Verified by Absolute   Benchmark

Automatic and Accurate   Vision-Based Measurement of Camber and Toe-In Alignment of Vehicle Wheel

Large-Range Reconstruction   With Non-Pre-Calibrated Camera via MBM of Laser Referenced by   Radial-Collinear-Features